Materials that age with grace, aesthetics that live beyond trends, technology carefully selected and built to remain relevant also tomorrow. We strive for our products to bring that subtle pleasure of quality and refinement that lives beyond the present

iril System No 2 dark
system no1

The sound of rain on the leaves. The sound of the waves rolling onto the beach. The almost silent sound of a cold winter morning. Sounds are all around us and they are a powerful connection to our emotions. Our music systems are created as a gate to these emotions, transparent to the sounds passing through, adding nothing, removing nothing - a direct path between the source and you.

Our designs aim to be a reflection of this, both in form and function. This is why there are no controls, no apps, no settings, nothing to stand in the way of the experience. Just a gate


The iril audio systems begin life in our lab, born from a vision of clarity and simplicity. Parts and technologies are carefully assessed and selected to fulfill this singular vision. Nothing superfluous is added, nothing necessary is removed

We work with the materials of the earth - metal for its strength and durability, wood for its life and resilience, stone and glass, made from sand, for stability and timeless beauty

Each iril system is made to order and individually crafted in our Copenhagen workshop. We put great care and pride into this process, ensuring that everything we create is of impeccable quality and finish


Simplicity is the key to brilliance